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ORKA Collective  |

Orka Collective is a project of two people, Anton Abo and Ooli Mos, who have the same way of thinking. We get our inspiration from nature, magic, animals, people and from everything that happens around us. We specialize in graphic and web design, illustration and branding.

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Biro on paper coffee cup ~ Richard Shields, as part of the Paraphrase exhibition until 2 June. Go check it out.

Contemporary Six Gallery, Exchange Arcade, St. Anns Sq. Manchester


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Large Screen print

Heres some shots of my final large screen print on the iconic subbuteo cloth pitch. To be honest these photos dont do it much justice, to the actual piece in real life. I looked forward with this piece as I plan to use this to front my work in the final show. My packaging figures will sit on the yellow markers, showing the tactics movement I created.

I think this will work well in the show as its not flat on the wall. It will be almost instillation like. Hopefully grabbing peoples attention.

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Screen Printing 

This for me was great, the process was a lot longer than expected, but it was worth the time, as I am well happy with the final outcomes. The fact the size of the cloth/pitch was so big, I couldn’t just pull the ink threw as one. I had to move each tactic element one by one from the markers to the dashes, lining each one up with another. A lot of patiences was needed, as I only had one shot at this. If I had of messed up, I had no backup Subbuteo pitches. thankfully I didn’t. 

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Peter Tarka  |

Peter Tarka is a young (20 YO) graphic designer and illustrator from Poland (Wrocław). He has worked as an graphic designer since 2008. His works being featured in many magazines and sites about graphic design (Behance, Abduzeedo, PSDtuts and many many more). Peter sure knows how to deliver a strong creative typographic works. He has worked for all kinds of companies, Tarka is also member of the Slashthree, Keystone Design Union and Goverdose.

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Soho warriors

Heres some nice typographical posters from the design/football team Soho warriors. Similar to the back of my packaging, they have used the back of well known football jerseys to promote events. This is something I could look at when designing my ad shels.

A real inspiration these have been for my NMP

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Sucker for Soccer

Came across these lovely poster designs of famous footballing icons, really nice use of illustration and typography. These are my favourite out the bunch, but theres plenty more here.

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1 of 11 complete

Heres the final outcome of the packaging for my subbuteo figure. I am really pleased with the way this has turned out. The colour palette relates to Great Britain well, but not in a to blatant way, as I am promoting my campaign at the London Olympic football games. The white on the side panels has definitely made it look a lot more appealing, also making the designs on the packaging stand out more. The idea was to make the packaging itself, look like a figure/player in some ways, with the football collar on the front and the number and campaign name on the back of the shirt.

You can not tell unless you feel it, but I have used an acetate film on the front and back of the packaging to make it look that bit more proffesional. Then finally to give it that bit more of an edge, I used a piece of cloth like material which the figure will sit on to resemable a bit of turf from a pitch, which I feel is a nice touch.

Just another 10 to mock up now…

Photo 5 May Final net for figure packaging

Final net for figure packaging

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Yulia Moschinetskaya

Illustrator based in Khabarovsk, Russia. Her focus is illustration and painting.

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Really nice packaging here, I love the simplicity within this. Everything gels so well together, from the type to the colour, to the dishes themselves.

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Clever, an nice bit of imagination.

Text 5 May 1 note Second from last seminar talk

Friday was a great chance for me to get some feedback on my work so far, as I have been off for easter for the last 3 weeks. I talked Lee through what I have done so far, and he really likes how it is coming along. He mentioned how I could tweak the packaging for my subbuteo figures, so certain aspects of the design will stand out more. We also went into the promotional sides of things, like how and where I could promote my campaign, which was great, as this was something I haven’t really thought about yet. Theres still a lot to do, but it’s coming along brilliant. 

Text 5 May Freelance talk with andy

Monday before last just gone, I attended the talk from andy. There was a lot of stuff which I knew about freelancing, but andy aded a few more vital points, which were good to know. As he was in the same situation as us not so long ago, it was good to get his point of view on things. Some of the things we talked about were

  • Organisation 
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Time management 
  • Client management
  • Book keeping/accountancy 
  • Networking 
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the man himself.


the man himself.

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